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Premier League: Liverpool stroll on their way to the title

London (AFP) - Liverpool were held in check (0-0) for their return to competition on Sunday for the 30th day of the Premier League, which further delays their coronation.

.Liverpool takes its time

After Manchester City's victory over Arsenal (3-0) on Wednesday, Liverpool could not be champions, even beating Everton.The draw in the Mersey derby means it won't be on Monday either, although Burnley's adventure was winning at City.

Faced with Toffees remarkably organized by Carlo Ancelotti, the Reds, deprived of Mohamed Salah in attack, have only very rarely caused a real imbalance.

However, we felt Liverpool motivated, like a Sadio Mané who forgot to kneel at the start of the match and who went like an arrow in the back of the opposing defense at the whistle of the referee who marked the beginning of the homage to the "Black Lives Matter" movement.

But just 3 shots on target out of 10 attempts shows Everton's strength in this match.

"We did not have enough chances (...) Everton defended well and we were not smart enough to use the spaces.It is normal when we start playing again", relativized Jürgen Klopp , the Liverpool coach.

The Reds were even a little scared at the very end of the game, Alisson showing all his class by repelling a heel from Calvert-Lewin and an attempt from Richarlison in the last ten minutes, after having had nothing to do until then.

If City beat Burnley on Monday and Chelsea on the following day, the title could be played at Manchester City-Liverpool on July 2.

A prospect that makes all football fans salivate, except Liverpool fans.

Posted Date: 2020-07-23

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